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We Are Digital Forensics

We provide technical expertise in a wide range of matters – including internal investigations, intellectual property matters, business litigation, data breaches, criminal investigations and general electronic discovery assistance and consulting. At any given time, we are working matters filed in a variety of state and federal courts across the country, in many cases, we can provide data and evidence of user activity that has been deleted or concealed by the user. Reliance’s seasoned professionals are accustomed to providing accurate, actionable results to its clients, often under tight time constraints.

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Why Reliance Forensics

Reliance is a team of former legal, law enforcement and intelligence professionals specializing in digital forensics and cyber investigations.  Each Reliance examiner holds multiple forensic certifications, and Reliance is licensed as a private investigative agency in South Carolina pursuant to applicable law. Many of our forensic capabilities are mobile and we are able to travel to ensure onsite preservation of data, minimizing inconvenience and impact to you and your business operations.

A Dedicated Team

  • Clark Walton
    Clark Walton Lead Forensic & Cyber Security Expert
  • Amy Coyne
    Amy Coyne Client Liaison & Office Manager
  • Micah F. Sturgis
    Micah F. Sturgis Digital Forensic Examiner
  • Robert Cuffney
    Robert Cuffney Digital Forensic Examiner

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