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Reliance Forensics brings to bear on your investigation internationally proven and thoroughly tested technologies, equipment and forensic methodologies. Many of the same tools and processes are currently used by government and law enforcement entities, and we are able to perform digital extractions and investigations on the widest possible range of electronic devices. From smartphones and other wireless devices, to desktop and laptop computers, to more portable electronic media such as camera cards, USB drives and tablets, if it has potential investigative, evidentiary, or intelligence value, we stand ready to perform digital imaging, investigation, and analysis of those devices. And with years of experience in both computer security and the legal profession, we do so in a manner that preserves chain-of-custody and the unquestionable integrity of your valuable data.

As examples only, Reliance's services are useful in a variety of cases and circumstances, such as:

  • Internal or compliance investigations
  • Civil litigation, including allegations of theft or misappropriation of confidential, proprietary or "trade secret" data
  • Forensic harvesting as a component of the electronic discovery process
  • Breaches of company information security
  • Family law matters
  • Bankruptcy matters involving fraudulent transfers
  • Other criminal or civil matters where digital evidence is present or may be acquired

In virtually any instance that may involve the covert or secretive use of computers, cell phones or the Internet, Reliance Forensics can likely add value to your investigation. We look forward to speaking with you about your needs.

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